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   Product Name : Barium Nitrate

   Product Description:-

Formula:Ba(NO3)2 Molecular weight:261.35

Property: It is colorless or white cubic crystal or powder.Its specific gravity point is 3.24(23C); boiling point is592C.It can dissolve in water,and

can not dissolve is mellow and nitric acid.It radiates green light white burning. It is poisonous.

Application: It is used to make baryta, barium peroxide, optical glass, porcelain,

dynamite,oxidizer,green fireworks,signal light, and flame tractor. It also can be

used in antisepsis, chemical agent, and low temperature salt bath.

Technical Index:

          Item             Hight Grade       First Grade    Second Grade

       Ba(NO3)2%max           99.3             99               98.5

        Mositure %min         0.05             0.1               0.1

     Insoluble substance%min   0.05            0.1               0.1

     Iron(Fe) %min             0.0005         0.003              0.005

     Chloride(By BaCl2)%min     0.5             --                --

        PH                      5.0-8.0

     Powder fineness(2300 mesh/m2screenings 0.20%min

Package: Exporting package standard weaving bag outside, two-layer plastic

bag inside. The net weight is 25kg each bag. We also can do package accorading

to the customers requirement