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   Product Name : Soda Ash Dense

   Product Description:-

Formula        :  Na2CO3

Molecule Weight :   105.99

Description     :  White, powder or tiny granular crystals; melting point 851ºC; easily soluble in water; slightly soluble in alcohol; insoluble in acetone; becomes salt and water, releases CO2 when reacting upon acid.

Specification   :  Industry standard

                     Light              Dense

Purity                99.2%min          99.2%min        

NaCl                 0.7% Max             0.7%Max

Iron                 0.004% Max           0.004% Max

Water Insoluble    0.04% Max            0.04% Max

Sulphate          0.03% Max              0.03% Max 

Bulk Density     0.45-0.6g/l Min       0.90g/l Min

Uses   :   Important and principle chemical industrial material;

           widely used in many fields: textile, various building, chemistry,

           metallurgical, medicine petrolium industries etc.

Packing  :  in 40 kgs PE Plus PP bags for soda ash light and

 50 kgs Pe Plus PP bags for Soda ash light dense.