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   Product Name : Phosphoric Acid

   Product Description:-

Synonym: Ortho-Phosphoric acid

Formula: H3PO4

Molecule Weight:98.00

Description:Cilourless, transparent, syrupy liquid, Easily soluble in water and alcohol,specific density 1.834

Specification: GB 2091-92

              Purity:               85%min

              Color No:             30

              CL:                   0.0005%max

              SO4:                  0.005%max

              Fe:                   0.002%max

              As:                   0.008%max

              Heavy Metal           0.001%max

Uses: Used in manufacture of phosphate, glycerine-phosphate ester, ammonium-phosphate fertilizer,and used as chemical reagent to enhance transparancy and improve colour of porcelain; drying agent in the synthesis of various intermediate chemicals and dyes; in dental cement; process engraving; rust-proofing of metals before painting; coagulating rubber latex.


Package: In 35kg plastic drums