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   Product Name : Copper Sulphate

   Product Description:-

Synonym          :   Blue Stone

Molecular Formula   :  CuSO4 • 5H2O  

Molecular Weight    :  239 

Description        :  Blue triangle system crystal; specific gravity 2.286; melting point 200ºC; Soluble in water and ammonia spirit; It loses two molecular water at 45ºC and to be decomposed into cupric oxide and sulfur trioxide at 650ºC .

Specification   : Inner enterprise specification

     Purity             :  96% min

     Water Insoluble     :  0.45% Max

     Sulphate           :  0.25% Max

     Iron               :  0.4% Max


Usage  :  As fabrics agent for textile; insecticide in agriculture and water sterilizing agent, it is also used in copper planting.                                                                                                                    


Package: In 25 kgs bags with plastic linning.