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   Product Name : Zinc Sulphate Hepta/Mono

   Product Description:-

Molecular Formula   :  ZnSO4 • H2O

Molecular Weight    :  179.44

Description         :  White crystal powder, specific gravity 3.31. Soluble in water, slightly soluble in alcohol. It will become Zinc Sulphate Anhydrous when heating at 200ºC, decomposed into ZnO and SO3 at 770ºC                    

Specification   : GB 8251-87

       Purity           99% Min

       Zn              22.5% Min               

       Iron             0.01% Max             

       Heavy Metal      0.01% Max                  

       As              0.005% Max

       Fineness          95% passing through 800 um mesh               


Usage  :  As a material in manufacturing zinc salts; Electrolyting zinc; It is a protecting agent of wood as well as leather; It is also to be used in printing and dyeing industry and industry of pharmaceutical, manual fibre,etc.


Package : In 25 kgs plastic bags lined with poly-bags.