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   Product Name : Ammonium Bicarbonate

   Product Description:-


Formual weight:79.06

Properties and Applications:

It is coioness rnombic or monoclinic erystais. It easily effloresces in the air. It is mainty used as advanced food baking powder. It is employed together with Sodium Bicarbonate as a constituent of swelling agent for bread and biscuicft is also a raw material for toamed juice. It is used in rinsing in boliting water for green vegetables and in medicine and reagents.

Inspection         Unit            Food Grzde 
Assay               %                99.2 

Chrolide           %min              0.007

Sulphite           %min              0.0002

Sulphate           %min              0.007

Iron               %min              0.002

Arsenic            %min              0.0002

Heavy Metal        %min              0.0005

Package:in 25/50kg netPP/PE bag or as per customers demand