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   Product Name : Magnesium Sulphate

   Product Description:-

Synonym       :  Bitter Salt
Formula        :  MgSO4 
Molecule Weight :   246.46
Description     :  Colourless, needle crystals, soluble in water,

                   Slightly soluble in alcohol. It gives powder on efflorescenting.
Grade         :   Tech Grade
Specification   :   HG/T 2680-95

Magnesium Sulphate Anhydrous

Item              index              Item                 index

MgSO4 %max         98       weightless ness by forging

Cl%min             0.05        appearance           white granular or powder

Fe%min              0.01

Heavy metals%min    0.05

Acidity and basicity middle

Fertilizer grade Magnesium Sulphate Monohydrated

Item                powder               granular

Content%max          27                     25

Cl %min               2                      2

Water%min             2                      3

S %min                20                     18  

appearance       white or yellow       white or yellow

Tech grade

Item                          Index

MgSO4%max                       98

Fe%min                          0.003

Cl%min                          0.014

Heavy metals%min                0.001

As%min                          0.004

Acidity and Basicity            middle

Uses   : Used in cosmetics, mineral-       water, explosive, medicine textile products and leather industry.  
Package  :  in 25 kgs PE plus PP bag.