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   Product Name : Sodium Citrate

   Product Description:-

Another name: Citrosodine



Property:Colorless crystal, no smell, salty and cool, soluble in water,

slightly soluble in alcohol, a little deliquescence in humid air.                

Index                                   Food additives          FCC 3

cONTENT(Na3C6H5O78.2H2O)    min%         99.0                   99.0-101.0

Sulfate                     max%         0.03                   0.05

Acidity and alkalinity      max%        Comform to standard

Heavy metal(as Pb)          max%         0.0005                max0.001

Arsenic                     max%         0.0001                max0.0003 

Tartrate                    max%         Comform to standard

Oxalate                     max%          0.05

Calcium                     max%         Conform to standard    

Iron(Fe)                    max%        0.001                     0.001     

Easy carbide                max%         Conform to standard 

Chloride and chlorate       max%         0.01                      0.01

Barium(Ba)                               Conform to standard

Dry and weight loss                      10.0-13.0                    

Clarification                                                 Conform to standard

Usage: Used as preservative of refreshing beverage and canned food in food industry,  
      antihaemoagglutinin in medical industry, preservative in syrup.  
Packing: With outer woven bag, PE plastic bag in between, lined with double draft bags.  
         Net weight 25kg/bag  
Notes for store and transport: This product should be sealed up and stored in dry  

                               and ventilated warehouse, avoiding moisture and heat, 

                               stored separately with poisonous matter. 

                                Load lightly to prevent packing damage.