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   Product Name : Sodium Silicate

   Product Description:-

Type       Name of indicator              Technical indicator

          Silicon dioxide          26.0%max   29.2%max    25.7%max   

           Sodium oxide            8.2%max        12.8%max   10.2%max

Liquid     Baume degree            39.0-41.0      50.0-52.0   44.0-46.0

           Insoluble substance      0.10%min        0.10%min     0.10%min

           Iron                     1.03%min       0.03%min        0.03%min

           Modulus                  3.1-3.4        2.2-2.5        2.6-2.9


           Soluble solid            99%max          99%max         99%max 

Solid      Iron                     0.02%min         0.02%min      0.02%min

           Modulus                  3.1-3.4          2.2-2.5       1.9-2.1

Package:As the demanding of customer